We can provide any type of rooftop or ground mounted solar installation.  We start by analyzing your electric usage and from there we design a system and generate a proposal for you to look at.  We offer free roof and electrical inspections before you even sign a contract with us.  Our goal is to keep you 100% satisfied from start to finish of your project and long after that should you ever need service on your system.  We never ask our clients to sign a contract on site and suggest that you be leery of anyone who does.


Commercial solar is quickly becoming a game changer for businesses of all sizes.  It’s no secret that here in California your bottom line takes a huge hit from monies paid out for utility bills.  We can help you with that!  We will analyze your usage, inspect your roof & electrical, and provide you with a comprehensive quote that will break down your current usage and expense VS offsetting both by having solar and or batteries installed.  Our team of expert lenders makes the overall experience of getting solar for your business both simple and surprisingly affordable!


Adding battery backup to your home or business will give you peace of mind in the case of a long or short term power outage.  Our partner installers offer a generous selection of battery options that offer the capability to simply keep the lights on at night and your refrigerator running to completely running your home or business.  Modern solar also has the ability to provide a “micro-grid” which in conjunction with a battery backup system can feed your main panel during the day while also having the battery to do the job of keeping your power going at night time.